To create environments and opportunities where creatives are serving the Kingdom in tangible and Christ-like ways.


Saving Acts’ mission is to share stories of goodness from and for the global Church.


Creativity – Respect – Diversity – Imagination – Hope – Mutuality – Quality – Clarity – Relevance


Saving Acts is a Christian organization dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through different media for all people. We affirm the Nicene Creed and belong to the global Church.

About Us

Saving Acts is an initiative fueled through the Possibilities Project, a Nazarene discipleship project based in Sunnyvale, California. We have provided professional storytelling projects in partnership with many different organizations including Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Nazarene Youth International, Nazarene Extreme, and Nazarene Missions International. Saving Acts is currently 100% volunteer based, and as we grow we are pursuing becoming our own entity as a registered non-profit organization.