Sharing stories of Goodness

Saving Acts connects ministry partners and creative storytellers to the grand narrative of God’s work in the world. Through our media missions professionals can proclaim the gospel and support the work of the Church. Using their artistic storytelling skills, they give voice to the greater story of God and invite others to do the same. To share these gospel stories, we partner with ministries witnessing God’s saving acts and we empower creative storytellers to share what they witness. We invite you to join us in creating partnerships, telling stories, and making art.

We invite you to join us.



Create Partnerships

Both our ministry partners and our creative professionals need resources. Many ministries lack the funds and capacity to tell stories in beautiful and compelling ways. Many creatives lack opportunities to tell stories of significance. Saving Acts creates mutually beneficial partnerships between ministries and creatives through media missions so that skilled artisans can contribute to the needs of the Church. We are continually growing our network of creative professionals and ministry partners, and we are committed to ongoing relationships with each.

Share Stories

The work of God’s people often consists of telling and re-telling the beautiful and redemptive stories of the Kingdom and proclaiming God’s marvelous, saving acts. Connecting the skills of professional storytellers to this work can dramatically increase the reach and production quality of these gospel-centered stories. The practice of professional storytelling has long existed within the Church, and as an organization we continue that practice by finding new ways to retell the story of God through whatever means available.

Make Art

The gospel calls us all to participate in acts of beauty, justice, and evangelism. For us, this means making art that moves people to respond. Art has a unique power to speak to our souls, and we believe the stories, photos, videos, and other works of art we share can inspire passion and motivate action. We seek to do more than merely share beautiful stories of goodness from our media missions. We feature these art pieces so that they become infused into the daily life of the Church and continue to elicit a response beyond their original commission.