First Fruits

I got home from work, sat on the couch, and wept. We aren't just talking the single tear down the cheek kind of wept. It was filled with snot bubbles, heaving shoulders and shaky breath. Today, I was broken for the cause I've been working towards the past year. I've felt for so long that the transition and creation has been slow then I opened my email to see the NCM Summer 2016 Magazine has been released. I opened the link and was mesmerized by the words I've stared at for hours and enraptured by the images I've looked at for months. It's as if all my emotions, thoughts and hopes broke from my heart like a flood as I clicked from one page to the next. 

May Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.

These pages, these stories, these smiles - this is The Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This is the hope of the Gospel, the representation of Living Water to a group of people in Sierra Leone. 

This is the story of God's goodness.