Hopes, Dreams, and Water Balloons

The last six months I've spent designing websites, working with ministries, collaborating with creatives and it's all building up to our launch as an organization. It's been exhausting, I spend a lot of my time being terrified of the future, and even more time being SO excited for what God is doing through this tiny little vision. We've gone on one Media Mission to Sierra Leone with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries where we visited new wells, changed communities, and our brothers and sisters in Christ. We celebrated together, danced together, and worshiped together.

At first, we only dreamed of going on one, maybe... MAYBE... two trips as we began to launch. In the next three months, we will be traveling to Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, and Ecuador to share stories of goodness happening all over the globe. God took one idea and is now sending us to the ends of the earth to share stories of goodness. We are headed to the Compassion Conference hosted by The Nazarene Compassion Ministry tomorrow and I might just burst from all the feelings swirling inside my heart. I get to meet with those we will be partnering with over seas, see the faces of those who have been praying for us and our vision, and be blessed by so many wise people who are sharing how they are being the hands and feet of Jesus in this world. 

This conference has been a bench mark for Saving Acts since the beginning of it's creation. My friend, pastor, and partner in this, Jeff, visited my home to hear what I've been dreaming up to find scribbles all over papers taped to the dining room wall. We had a timeline with a list of "To-Do" before the conference so we can share a vision and mission. That list was practically tossed out the window, twice, and replaced with a new plan. Even with a new plan, there was the same vision to share stories of goodness; there was also the same timeline. 

It's as if we've been slowly filling up a water balloon. I've been watching the latex stretch, water spray out the side, and my excitement slowly growing. The water was actively swirling within my hands, I could feel the water pressure push it's way through and shape the balloon I've been holding in my hand. The past week, we've confirmed three trips for the rest of the year, finished our website and video. The knot of the balloon has been tied and we are just waiting for the whistle to throw the balloon up the air and see how it lands, who's showered by the water and who's going to pick up their own balloon and join in.