In most non-profits there are a variety of ways for volunteers, both laypeople and professionals, to engage in the mission of the organization. Media/Communications is an area in which we recognize a growing need for professional creatives to serve the Church.

The practice of professional storytelling has long existed in the Church. From the ancient scribes and priests, to the first-century apostles and disciples, to the medieval monks and cathedral artists, the Church has always found ways to retell the story of God through whatever means available.

Today, we are learning to use blogs, newsletters, social media campaigns, and various forms of media assisted presentations. The forms of communication are relatively new and many missionaries, pastors, and compassionate ministries do not have the staff or creative capacity to share stories with professional quality.

To respond to this growing need, the Saving Acts team helps facilitate Media Missions. In the same way that a volunteer team of professional construction workers will improve the durability and safety of a building, media missions teams will help increase the reach of partner organizations by providing professional photography, videography, and writing.

Beautiful and redemptive stories from God’s people need to be told, and creative media professionals can dramatically increase the reach and production quality of these stories.